Various Bargrooves: Espace Privé

The latest in the Bargrooves series is a decent house music mix. Disc one, mixed by Ben Sowton, is a little speedier and can be enjoyed sitting, standing or dancing. The tracks are a variety of deep and vocal house. Some of the better ones are the Soldiers of Twilight’s "Drive On,” Physics’s "Definition of Dub” and Bod vs. Echofalls’s "Copycat.” Disc two is more of a mellow, sit-down, lounge affair. Frédéric Messent’s selection is a little slower, and has more garage, nu-jazz and broken beat influences. Standouts include the great male vocals of Kerri Chandler’s "My Paradise” and Nigel Richard’s "Inner Piece” with its deep bass, break beats and acoustic guitar samples. In both cases the mixing is competent, but you’ll never be astonished by mad mixing skills or other tricks. Either disc would be suitable background music for any party and, under the right conditions, would probably incite some dancing. (Moonshine)