Various Balance

Ready Rock has put together their best release to date with the quality, nine-track compilation Balance. After removing the intro and an interlude track, that leaves seven songs that are never less than worth a listen. The battle for best track on the compilation is just barely won by “Nile Nutrition,” featuring Last Emperor and Chief Kamachi over Ryan Banks’ surprisingly good “So Rich.” The beats and lyrics are just a tad more impressive on the former. However, the lesson on “So Rich” should be a mandatory course for any rap fan. Also good are “The Meanin’ (They Don’t Know)” by AG, Kamachi, and some great cuts by DJ Revolution, “Walk The Route” by P.H.A., and the pairing of Ready Rock’s premiere MCs, Maylay Sparks and Kamachi for “Unusual Styles.” Cas and Omne, who contribute about half the beats each, create some straight-forward productions that are none the less solid. What this all means is that Balance is a great introduction to the sounds of Ready Rock Records. (Ready Rock)