Various The Amos House Collection, Vol.1

The Amos House is a non-profit organisation that's dedicated to helping less fortunate families receive the help and support they need to live independent lives. This first volume of The Amos House Collection was compiled to help raise money to keep this valuable Rhode Island organisation going. Departure Lounge contribute "Straight Line to the Kerb," probably their best song to date, being a Spiritualized-meets-Belle and Sebastian gem of a pop song. Wheat's "New Boyfriend," a B-side from their "Don't I Hold You" single, is drenched in heartbreak, as is Idaho's soft sounding "Stayin' Out in Front." Other key bands include the Ladybug Transistor, with a live rendition of "The Swimmer," Death Cab For Cutie rearranging their "Lowell, MA" and Aden, with the exclusive "The S&Fish Song." With a handful of other indie acts (Spoon, the Aluminum Group) helping out, the Amos House couldn't ask for a better compilation of well-crafted pop songs. (Wishing Tree)