Various American Gigalo

"You know Frank Sinatra?" laughs Miss Kitten. "He's dead, ha-ha!" It's that type of twisted cheerfulness that permeates American Gigalo, a compilation - expertly mixed by Montrea's Tiga - of the Munich-based electro techno synth pop label, Intenational DeeJay Gigalos. The stars are out for this one, from NYC collective Fischerspooner and former Plus8 artist Trike to Detroit legend Jeff Mills. Nevertheless, I can't imagine anyone younger than their mid-20s being particularly interested in the exercise in nostalgia - Tiga himself does a number on fellow Montrealer Corey Hart's "Sunglasses at Night" and nearly redeems it. But for those of us who remember when nu wave was spelled "new," we can listen to the music of our youth, refurbished to reduce the shame. (Turbo)