Various Alternative 3

I have been waiting the longest time for a film score to feature really good, abstract electronic compositions - I only hope the contents of the film does the music justice. Judging from the film stills in the liner notes, I am reminded of the TV classic The Prisoner, where the characters are stylishly dressed and set in vast generic environs with those gorgeous British cars in the background. Apparently, Alternative 3 could be a sci-fi thriller-style B-movie. As for the music, one could say it is cinematic; it even sounds similar to The Prisoner soundtrack, but is far more warped. Track three, entitled "White Sands/Black Sun," reminded me of parts of Miles Davis' score to Ascenseur Pour L'echafaud, but on psychotropic drugs. The most mind-blowing track is "Operation Midnight Climax," which is an orgasmic and rhythmic phoenix of sound graced in flaming synth sweeps that emerges from the chaos of noise. The producers listed in the credits are impressive, featuring members of Add N to (X), Harry Butter and Stereolab, though it is not specified who produced what and on which track. Mysterious '70s-informed electronic music rendered in a film noir-esque way, yet gloriously abstract. I hope more films are scored like this. From this tech-head's perspective, I would call it the electronic soundtrack of the year. (Lo)