Various The Album: Volume 1

Like any compilation, 4 In Da Morning’s The Album: Volume 1 has its highs and lows. On the down side, there are the almost obligatory R&B tracks along with a few semi-commercial tracks that I could do without. The Busta sounding style of Rigamortis comes off with a nice head nodding, yet commercially funky beat courtesy of Homegrown. It’s a similar flow, but it’s his own. And, the winner on this album is definitely Wisdom who contributes two of the best tracks. The rhymes and flows are nice, and I can even have a good laugh over a rapper with the name Wisdom rhyming about ignorant shit like: “They find my cock stains with the remains of Joseph’s dame” (“Doc Who”). While he works overtime to sound hard, he never does quite get to the heights of Necro, Cage or even Sacred Hoop’s Luke Sick. Nevertheless, his rhymes are good enough to demand a “damn, did he say that?” and a couple of rewinds. On “JFK,” Wisdom is outshone by the production of IQ (also produced “Doc Who”) who adds his own little touch to the insanity with a joker laugh. The “Doc Who (Remix)” featuring Wisdom, Rigamortis and Tipsy is a nice remix courtesy of Homegrown, but it doesn’t stand-up to the original. Also, Apollo and Tipsy come well on “4 Da Crew” and “Tight Flow,” respectively. It’s nice to see something a little different coming out of Montreal. (4 In Da Morning)