Various Artists

Air Texture Volume 4

Various ArtistsAir Texture Volume 4
Brooklyn's Air Texture project pushes into its fourth chapter with a pair of fresh hands at the wheel. Answering the curatorial call are Ben Thomas (BNJMN) and Steve Hauschildt, two equally diverse artists whose works collectively span imprints like Kranky, Ninja Tune, Delsin, Rush Hour and Editions Mego. Each disc explores its own fragment of challenging themes whilst expanding on the project's contemporary foundation.

Hauschildt's disc focuses almost exclusively on beatless music, with the bright and airy, pad-driven "Crush Ambien" by Mirror to Mirror and Hauschildt's own "Watertowers" standing well above the pack. BNJMN calls forward a much wider range of experimental sounds featuring names like Legowelt, Teebs and Hieroglyphic Being. Thomas' contributions also happen to be highlights, further demonstrating the respect each curator has for the opportunity to bolster the compilation's reach. (Air Texture)
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