Various The Lotus Plaza Tribute Album (Vol. 1)

Various <i>The Lotus Plaza Tribute Album (Vol. 1)</i>
There seems to be a trend going around where music fans have been picking up their instruments and paying tribute to their favourite bands and certain highly anticipated records. I previously pointed out the rather brilliant and faithful cover of Animal Collective's Merriweather Post Pavilion by a group of fans titled Collected Animals. Yeah, I know, YouTube is filled with fans covering favourites but this was done three months before the album's release!

And now it looks like Deerhunter's Lockett Pundt has his own cheerleading squad all amped up about his forthcoming Lotus Plaza album, The Floodlight Collective. Posted over at Deerhunter's fan forum, the album, simply titled The Lotus Plaza Tribute Album (Vol. 1), features bands such as Goatface, Palecolors and the Sensitives switching on GarageBand and reconstructing Pundt's solo work. The tracks are pretty good but it's the effort I'm most impressed with. (My wife asked me, "Why the hell are people paying tribute to a Deerhunter side-project?" And I think the fact that she asked that makes it all the more impressive.)

Though it's not an exact cover of The Floodlight Collective the way Collected Animals recorded AC's new album in full, this group of die-hards only miss three tracks ("These Years" "What Grows?" and "Whiteout"). On top of that, you get two versions of "Red Oak Way," both of which sound nothing like the original, and even more interestingly is a cover of Pundt's cover of the Amps' "Bragging Party" (one of my favourite songs from the '90s) - the kicker being that Spidermums' version actually sounds more like the fuzz box version by the Amps' than it does Pundt's, which is full-on shoegaze.

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Spidermums "Bragging Party"

Cidal Green "Sunday Night"