Even when the mighty Ninja Tune label turned ten years old they still passed on the idea of a greatest hits sampler and delivered a three-CD set of brand new material instead. It’s this determination to consistently give the public something fresh for their ears that has made Ninja Tune such a legendary and beloved musical organisation. But with the upcoming release of their very first DVD (a little behind the times for futuristic thinkers) it was time to sit back and realise that there is an overwhelming amount of history to be brought back. The compilation of sure shots are all found on Zen CD, with tracks that any fan of the label should have in their collection already, but there’s no denying the importance of Luke Vibert’s hip-hop classic "Get Your Head Down” or Coldcut’s "More Beats and Pieces.” Even if you’ve heard all these essential joints before, you will love the re-mastering of older cuts and just the enjoyment of hearing a fantastic Ninja Tune mix. More excitement is found on Zen RMX where reworkings that aren’t as easy to track down are gathered together in a huge display of talent, from the original producers to the non-Ninjas that they’ve influenced. Four Tet, Manitoba and Squarepusher are all along for the ride as they completely overhaul the Ninja Tune catalogue, but nothing compares to the classic and absolutely gorgeous DJ Food remix of the Herbaliser’s ferocious "Mr. Chombee Has the Flaw,” taming the funk beast down to a slinky cinematic masterpiece. There’s no denying the amount of classic material Ninja Tune has put out so far and these compilations are evidence to support the rather obsessive behaviour that fans have adopted toward this entire roster.