Various Kitsuné Maison 9: The Petit Bateau Edition or The Cotton Issue

Although Paris label Kitsuné has only been around since 2002, it's become home to some big name artists such as Digitalism and Yelle, and released countless compilations, including the Kitsuné Maison series. The release of album nine in said series sees the electro label taking a softer, more lucid approach. As we're led to believe, a baby was recently born into the Kitsuné family and this electro-lite compilation was conceived and created as the wee one breastfed in the room next door. It's a snuggle-y little story to complement a rather toned down, poppy album. Subdued as it may be, Kitsuné Maison 9 is rife with the catchiest toe-tapping tracks, geared towards a Sunday afternoon. Serene synth pop from Washed Out ("Belong") kicks the disc off before entertaining a resurgence of '80s soul by Boston's Gamble & Burke ("Let's Go Together"). The most surprising track comes from the usually grit-heavy Crookers, with help from Kitsuné's Yelle, a completely slowed down, bumping number with French vocals atop nearly everything you'd expect from a Crookers mix. Well, almost everything ― this is a compilation inspired by a child, after all. A juicy remix of Two Door Cinema Club by the Twelves ("Something Good Can Work") adds a bit of disco flare and also gives credit to the guys from Brazil, who have been pumping out high profile remixes as of late. (Kitsune)