Various Unearthing Influences Mix

Various <i>Unearthing</i> Influences Mix
After a recent preview of the new project by graphic novel scribe Alan Moore, called Unearthing, a special mix tape celebrating the announcement of the release has been made available to check out and download.

Unearthing is a multimedia package that features the comic book guru narrating a semi-autobiographical story about a coworker over a score penned by Fog's Andrew Broder and experimental rapper Doseone. The soundtrack will also feature cameos by Mike Patton, Mogwai guitarist Stuart Braithwaite, Jesu/Godflesh singer Justin Broadrick and drummer Zach Hill.

To give an insight into the influences behind their original score, Broder and Doseone have assembled and blended a free, promo mix, which plays as one long track. You can stream it below and download it here.

Unearthing is set for release on July 6 via Lex.

Unearthing Influences Mix:

1. Carlo Fashion - "Panegyrikus#3"
2. Kraftwerk - "Ruckzuck"
3. Mount Eerie - "(something)"
4. Susumu Yakota - "Kodomatachi"
5. Keiji Haino - "Is This Guidance Itself Some Kind of Trap"
6. OD - "Untitled"
7. Genghis Tron - "Dead Mountain Mouth"
8. Ron Cessin - "Commuter"
9. Paul Metzger - "Untitled"
10. Department of Eagles - "Noam Chomsky Spring Break 2002"
11. Burial - "In McDonalds"
12. Broadcast - "Evil Is Coming"
13. Alejandro Jodorowski - "Las Flores nancen En El Barro"
14. Doseone - "untitled&unreleased"
15. Andrew broder - "Piss Face"
16. Fennesz - "Aus"
17. Alejandro Jodorowski - "300 Connejos"
18. imagination...sun ra
19. Tarwater - "V-at"
20. Loren Connors & David Grubbs - "Blossom Time"
21. Chris Johnston, Craig Markva And Jaime Evans - "labradford"
22. Camberwell Now - "Working nights"
23. Xasthur - "Keeper of sharpened blades"
24. Boards of Canada - "Amo Bishop Roden"
25. Mogwai - "Fear Satan (My Bloody Valentine mix)"
26. Mike Patton -"A Lizard With The Skin Of A Woman"
27. Viger/Bellonzi - "Structures 1"
28. Mike Patton - "Wuxiapian"
29. Crook&Flail - Unearthing EP (instrumental)
30. Pascal Comelade - "Chanson"
31. Crook&Flail - Unearthing EP (instrumental)
32. Windy & Carl - "Set Adrift"
33. Hood - "In Iron Light"