Various The Wurst Music Ever

In the mid-'00s, artists like LCD Soundsystem, Cut Copy and Theo Parrish blended new wave electronic with old school disco that managed to come off just as organic as it was subtle. That's why, upon discovering The Wurst Music Ever, it's hard to decipher if you're listening to a compilation of up-and-coming dance artists or lost edits from the late '70s. Spoiler: nothing on the NYC label's debut compilation is older than the iPad. Collecting ten new tracks from the current Wurst roster, songs like Native Underground's smooth, Aafro-rhythmic cover of Midnight Magic's "Push 4 Love" and the Miracles Club's skipped-beat, chorded piano dancer, "I Can't Help It," show this hybrid style moving far past its blended roots. From the textural, low-end beat of Tiago's "Peanuts Not Working (I am the Automan Version)" and the Kool & the Gang/Chaka Khan (his aunt) vibe of Great Weekend's jammer, "That's the Thing (to Do)," The Wurst Music Ever remains a surprisingly forward thinking and relevant release. Not to mention, fun. (The Wurst Music Ever Co.)