Various Watergate X

VariousWatergate X
A hub of Berlin's thriving nightclub scene, Watergate's influence runs deeper than just its famous LED ceiling and early morning river views. Its DJ mix compilations have helped define the heart and soul of the club to the public and given Watergate an identity within the larger global electronic community. Looking for something different this time around, the club enlisted artists and friends to contribute exclusive tracks to an unmixed compilation for their ten-year anniversary. Spread out over two discs, artists like France's dOP, the U.S.'s Maceo Plex and Canada's Mike Shannon and Guillaume & the Coutu Dumonts pull together the building blocks of Watergate's sound, slowly unwinding melody-led tracks that borrow as much from house music's past as from techno's future. Cuts like DJ Sneak's "Battle's Over" to SIS's "Talking to the Birds" show the range of the compilation, from track-y Chicago house to early morning melodies that are vital to the club's musical aesthetics. (Watergate)