Underground Hip Hop Volume 8

VariousUnderground Hip Hop Volume 8
Underground Hip Hop Volume 8 is another sampler of hip-hop and electronica singles from the most recent records on Urbnet, with the lone exception being "The Great Mr. Nobody," from the label's current star attraction D-Sisive, which you can find on his recent, self-released mixtape. This compilation is a pretty good mix of music, with a mood that is mostly mellow. The groove is laidback, whether it's the stripped-down space horror of Swamp Thing's "Muddy Step," Matt Brevner singing and rapping over the ethereal electronica of "Let Me Fall" or Elaquent's downtempo instrumental "Oreos."

It does feature a couple of big, banging tracks — D's "The Great Mr. Nobody" and Def 3's uptempo but still moody "Satellite" featuring Ceschi — both of which are highlights of this compilation. Standout tracks also include Philly Moves' melancholy rap ballad "Run," Animal Nation's tongue-in-cheek, minimalist "A Great Impression of a Charming Young Gentleman" and Sweatshop Union's ode to drugs, "L.A.M.M."

There's a lot to enjoy, even if not every song will be to every individual's liking. As a label sampler, UGHH8 is a great introduction to a number of different artists, but fans of the label will likely already own many of the albums from which these songs are pulled. In other words, UGHH8 will be best enjoyed by hip-hop fans unfamiliar with the label or many of its artists. (Urbnet)
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