Various Show 'Em the Hand

This is a bulky compilation highlighting the best of It's Alive Records' roster of bouncy pop punk. Simplistic chord progressions and vocal harmonies run rampant throughout the 35 tracks of Ramones worship from acts across the map. Some of the genre's most reputable bands have graced the California label's catalogue, including Chicago, IL's purveyors of bubblegum punk the Methadones, offering "Over the Moon" prior to their disbanding, while cohorts the Copyrights couldn't sound livelier on "Grown Folks Business." Ottawa ON's macabrely melodic the Creeps and Moncton, NB delinquents Varsity Weirdos represent Canada, while Fear of Lipstick, Be My Doppleganger, the Dopamines, the Crumbs and a plethora of others cover the rest of the western hemisphere. Brainless but undeniably catchy, Show 'Em the Hand boasts vibrant bands supplying the bare essentials of songwriting to make punk rock as fun and carefree as it should be. (It's Alive)