Various Pop Massacre Comp

Various <i>Pop Massacre</i> Comp
Among the many benefits of the Internet is the ease with which modern artists can find source material for remixes, make them in a fun afternoon and have the tracks available to download for the next day. The label heads at Friends of Friends Music took advantage of that accessibility with a new comp called Pop Massacre.

 As the title suggests, Pop Massacre sees some of the biggest hits of modern pop get, well, massacred by the cut-up remix techniques of modern electronic artists. Here you will find DNTEL run Lady Gaga's "Paparazzi" through his heart-on-sleeve blissful pop filter while Daedelus picks apart Prince's "I Would Die for You." As the tracklisting below indicates, no one is safe from these artists' editing techniques.

Pop Massacre is now streaming at the Friends of Friends BandCamp page here. It can also be downloaded there if you cough up an email address.

Pop Massacre:

1. Anenon "Wannabe" (Spice Girls)

2. Strangeloop "Wouldn't It Be Nice" (Beach Boys)

3. Shlohmo "Pretty Boy Swag" (Soulja Boy)

4. DNTEL "Paparazzi" (Lady Gaga)

5. Asura "Always Be My Baby" (Mariah Carey)

6. Daedelus "I Would Die For You" (Prince)

7. Sahy Uhns "Pieces Of Me" (Britney Spears)

8. Loden "Gimme Gimme" (Abba)

9. Mexicans With Guns "La Bamba" (Ritchie Valens)

10. Groundislava "I Bet I Do" (Supa Blanco)

11. The One AM Radio "Take on Me" (A-ha)

12. Big Spider's Back "Teenage Dream" (Katy Perry)

13. My Dry Wet Mess ft. Amir Yaghmai "I Want Her" (Keith Sweat)