Pop Ambient 2015

VariousPop Ambient 2015
Created two years after the arrival of their popular, long-running series Total, the 14th edition of Kompakt's Pop Ambient series demonstrates just how much the German label has done to expose the average electronic music fan to ambient and experimental sounds. Despite showcasing only two new artists (Thore Pfeiffer and Max Wuerden), the ten-track Pop Ambient 2015 contains some of the genre's brightest unheard talent.

As drone always plays a big part in any Pop Ambient release (represented here by Gregor Schwellenbach and Leandro Fresco), much of the compilation exhibits young producers finding unique ways to insert beguiling melodies into their layers of sound. Gustavo Lamas provides perhaps the peppiest track of the lot, as the Argentinian pushes and pulls his sound waves into a wistful tune, while Dirk Leyers mesmerizes with digital chimes and minor key piano. Although it may not stand as the most groundbreaking volume, Pop Ambient 2015 shows the label's softer set moving into more melodic territories. (Kompakt)
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