Various Permanent Vacation: Selected Label Works 3

Although Munich, Germany's Permanent Vacation put out a slew of notable releases over the past decade (i.e., Kathy Diamond's Miss Diamond to You, Sally Shapiro's My Guilty Pleasure), it's better known for its various series of compilations. Purveyors of retrofitted disco and dance music, Permanent Vacation has helped introduce listeners to current up-and-comers like Azari & III, Tensnake and Wolfram (all represented here) with the first two Selected Label Works comps. Permanent Vacation: Selected Label Works 3 brings new batches of Juno and 808 enthusiasts to the table. Norwegian wunderkind Todd Terje (under the unfortunate alias of Chuck Norris) delivers space dub anthem "All That She Wants," while Midnight Magic's "Drop Me a Line" tows the company's status quo, combining rubbery bass and tone-deaf diva vocals. But it's Denmark/New Zealand duo Parallel Dance Ensemble that break-on through, delivering a pair of off-cool Blondie rap tracks. Selected Label Works 3 may feature a few throwaway remixes, but there's no better way to preview the next generation of electro look-backers. (Permanent Vacation)