Various Nigeria Special: Volume 2

In an interview with Exclaim! around the time the first Nigeria Special came out, Soundway Records founder Miles Cleret said that the tracks were selected not because they were the biggest bangers on the dance floor, but due to their individual charms. Such a curator's statement made for one of the finest entries in the label's catalogue, and now its follow up is poised to repeat the goodness. With "Nigerian blues" as a descriptor, guitars abound with bluesy to psychedelic tones. The connection is overt in opening track "Psychedelic Baby" by Fubura Sekiobo, whose groove is almost perfectly balanced between 4/4 and 12/8, with grungy guitar and honky horns keeping it raw. Moments of gorgeous Nigerian pop abound as well, with rumba and highlife gently colliding in the music of Commander in Chief Stephen Osite Osadebe's music and elsewhere. As this label continues to find new fans that value these compilations for home listening, the label continues to provide a fantastic aural experience. (Soundway)