Various The Music They Made (tribute to artists who died in 2010)

Various <i>The Music They Made</i> (tribute to artists who died in 2010)
While 2010 had its many ups, there were also some severe downs, with many musicians sadly passing away. We lost iconic voices in rock, jazz, hip-hop and punk. The New York Times has created a comprehensive tribute to most of the key artists that died, stitching together brief clips celebrating their work.

The clip showcases the talent of diverse artists like Alex Chilton, Malcom McLaren, Ari Up, Mark Linkous, Guru and many others. While underground rap sensation Eyedea was sorely overlooked, the video is a fitting tribute to the many talents we lost this year, closing out with Jay Reatard (pictured) naturally blending into Captain Beefheart.

The 4:35 clip can be viewed here courtesy of the New York Times here.