Various Mosaic: Volume One

Considering drum & bass has become a bit of a passé term in this "here today, gone tomorrow" world of electronic music, drum & bass artists like Scuba, Skream and dBridge, for better or for worse, have been lumped into the dubstep scene. To capitalize on this merger, UK label Exit Records compiled Mosaic: Volume One, a double-disc sampler of wordless, shape-shifting IDM showcasing such up-and-coming artists as the new ice age-y Stray, the grub-step-y Mode and Lionel Hampton viber Synkro. dBridge is represented with three tracks that move along at the speed of dub, but placed next to Distance's air-tight Fairlight CMI-esque breakdown, "Fading," and Consequence's ode to Warp Records' original roster, "Splinter," it comes across sounding so much more archetypal and stylized. With 22 tracks, featuring 20 artists, there's enough material on Mosiac: Volume One to find at least a few new favourites. But calling this album "mosaic" is pretty much an overstatement. (Exit)