Various Melodies in Distortion

Various <i>Melodies in Distortion</i>
To most, the mixtape - the album kind not the gift kind - is usually associated with genres like hip-hop and electronic simply because those are the dominant markets for this kind of promotional tool. Knowing this makes discovering one designed to present "various sound odysseys aimed at lost decades and mixed generations of dreamy drones" (or in short-hand: the gazing of shoes) such an interesting concept.

While I'm sure this isn't necessarily the first one ever created and released into the blogosphere, Melodies in Distortion is the first to catch my ear, and considering that, it's nice to see one that isn't just My Bloody Valentine, Ride, Lush and Slowdive bleeding in and out of each other.

MBV and Slowdive do turn up but that's expected considering their valuable contributions to "dreamy drones." Compiled by Dreamweapon, the Spacemen 3-aping alias of Damon Way - who may or may not be the dude who co-founded DC Shoes - for XLR8R's podcast series, the 13-track, 66-minute mix is a history lesson that "covers the pedal-attacking pioneers of the early shoegaze movement, paired with the contemporary Wah-armed gangs of the newgaze formation, then sidelined by a mind melt of the space-rock and drone-driven pedal pushers."

From the perspective of a fan familiar with all of the artists featured, Mr. Weapon knows his stuff, impressing most with the oft-neglected Blind Mr. Jones, whose "Henna and Swayed" concludes the warm rush of swirling guitar goodness. And kudos to him for including the late, great Ottawans Southpacific, a band that never received the respect they still deserve.

Melodies in Distortion tracklisting:

1 Mogwai - "Stereodee" - 4 Statin EP (Chemikal Underground) - 1997
2 Spectrum - "Undo the Taboo" - Highs, Lows, Heavenly Blows (Silvertone) - 1994
3 Slowdive - "Slowdive" - Blue Day (Creation) - 1992
4 Swervedriver - "Girl on a Motorbike" - Mezcal Head (A&M) - 1993
5 Southpacific - "Blue Lotus" Constance (Symbiotic) - 2000
6 Monster Movie - "Sleeping on a Train" - Last Night Something Happened (Clairecords) - 2001
7 My Bloody Valentine - "Don't Ask Why" - Glider EP (Creation) - 1990
8 Psychic Ills- "Another Day, Another Night" - Dins (The Social Registry) - 2008
9 Pale Saints - "Throwing Back the Apple" - In Ribbons (4AD) - 1992
10 Film School - "Compare" - Hideout (Beggars Banquet) - 2007
11 Daysleepers - "Release the Kraken" - Drowned in a Sea of Sound (Clairecords) - 2008
12 Pia Fraus - "400 & 57" - In Solarium (Clairecords) - 2002
13 Blind Mr. Jones - "Henna and Swayed" - Stereo Musicale (Cherry Red) - 1992