Various MegaCityHipHop.Com Compilation

Matt Eagleson runs, a website dedicated to hip-hop in Toronto. In late 2007, he made a decision to release what is now known as the MegaCityHipHop.Com Compilation. In early 2008, Eagleson put out a call for submissions and then arranged the album after selecting the tracks he felt worked best together. What he’s come up with is a 15-track album that cuts a wide swath across the Toronto hip-hop landscape. The tracks cover a variety of subject matter, from a fantasy of life on the run in "Fed Up” by Cale Sampson to Angerville’s love for their respective fathers in "Dear Dad.” Two tracks in particular stand out because they focus on Toronto. Roti’s "Good Morning Toronto” is a positive, upbeat-sounding track that covers many aspects of the city, from traffic to sports, in just three minutes. "The Mega” by Eternia is unique in that it offers her thoughts on the positive elements of Toronto from afar, as she spends a significant portion of her time in the U.S. This is a commendable venture from Eagleson and it comes off sounding pretty good. (Megacityhiphop)