Various Kompakt: Total 10

Cologne-based record label Kompakt celebrates ten years in the biz with another set of microhouse-cum-techno starring an ever-growing stable of weathered and worldly knob-twiddlers. Although Total 10 features Kompakt's perennial artists (Jurgen Paape, Michael Mayer and label boss Wolfgang Voigt) alongside current poster boys (the Field, Gui Boratto, Justus Kohncke), the most stimulating ideas permeate through the label's newest additions, demonstrated by Supermayer's outlandish remix of Gotye's "Heart's a Mess" and the blessed rhythms of Ada's "Love Stoned." Fischmob's DJ Koze, who utilizes the natural rhythms of a tennis-match for the rubbery/flubbery "40 Love," helps to show microhouse becoming less introverted and self-concerned. Even though much of the compilation remains a bit too formulaic, showing Kompakt's brand of thinly-veiled beats becoming too comfortable within its own skin, Total 10 still provides enough new initiatives to make Kompakt synonymous with 21st century techno. As if Detroit doesn't have enough problems. (Kompakt)