Various High Frequency

High Frequency may be labelled a "Threat House label compilation," but it predominantly features troubled Van-City rapper, producer and record label CEO Tre in various roles: solo artist, guest vocalist, alongside the likes of Remarcable, Tony Joe, Family Compact and Moka Only, and producer, providing the beats for all 13 tracks, including two instrumentals that deserve vocals. High Frequency is so steeped in g-funk you'd think Tre's production name included "Dr.," although a few selections, such as "1st Degree" from Elvis the Rapper (what kind of name is that?!), sound a little more like the guerrilla funk of Paris. The lyrics are a suitable match, a mix of sex, hustling and the various street level struggles that accompany a hard knock life, with Moka Only standing out simply by stepping outside the album's standard subject matter. He also has the most developed presentation, although Mista Sypol demonstrates a bouncy, fun flow on the sexy "Scallywag," Remarcable is catchy and confident when "Lurkin'" and Tre impresses with double-time raps on the second of his solo songs, "I Wanna Get Down (Remix)." High Frequency may be stronger towards the end, but the overall album is enjoyable and should impress most fans of g-funk. (Threat House)