Various HeroHall & Oates

Various <i>HeroHall & Oates</i>
Most music blogs do some sort of year-end roundup, but the Halifax-based Herohill decided to take its annual celebrations to the next level by offering some exclusive music to go along with the usual best-of list.

Blog founders Bryan Acker and Shane Nadeau recruited some of their favourite Canadian artists to record Hall & Oates covers. Entitled HeroHall & Oates, the collection has a total of 11 songs, which come from the likes of Rae Spoon, Ox, the Provincial Archive, Giant Hand and more.

The songs can be downloaded for free right here. To make this even sweeter, Herohill promises that five or six more songs are on the way, and will be unveiled sometime in mid-January.

HeroHall & Oates:

1. The Pronvcial Archive - "Adult Education"
2. Rae Spoon - "Rich Boy"
3. Homo Duplex - "Out of Touch"
4. Gianna Lauren - "Kiss on My List"
5. Brian Dunn - "Abandoned Luncheonette"
6. Coco et Co - "Sara Smile"
7. Young Doctors in Love - "Everytime You Go Away"
8. Chris Page - "Tell Me What You Want"
9. Bravestation - "Maneater"
10. Giant Hand - "Adult Education"
11. Ox - "She's Gone"