Various Hercules and Love Affair: DJ-Kicks

VariousHercules and Love Affair: DJ-Kicks
At its worst, Hercules and Love Affair's instalment in the long-running DJ Kicks series is a bit predictable. As expected, Hercules figurehead Andy Butler plumbs the depths of post-disco genres ― house, acid house and boogie, to name several ― and while the mix is peppered with samples from Butler's yoga guru, Parahamansa Yogananda, aiming for a spiritual vibe, this set is really one big party. With a selector as knowledgeable as Butler at the decks, there are more than a few gems meriting rediscovery, like Mankind's "Don't Keep Me Waiting," which rocks an invigorating, early '80s, D-Train, electro-funk groove, and the Skool Flava Dub mix of Klubb Kiddz's "Don't Want To Hurt You," a dope slice of mid-'90s house. A few duds abound, like Haze Factory's acid-tinged but ultimately pretentious "A Bit of Redemption," but the set closes strong with the sublime vocal chants of Z.A.M.'s "Africa Freedom," making Butler's ethereal intentions finally concrete. (!K7)
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