Various Headed for the Ditch: A Tribute to Neil Young

Various <i>Headed for the Ditch: A Tribute to Neil Young</i>
Earlier this week, we learned that a Neil Young tribute show featuring Wilco, Elvis Costello and many more would be coming to DVD. Now, here's another tribute to Bernard Shakey, albeit with less high-profile contributors.

It's called Headed for the Ditch: A Tribute to Neil Young, and it was put together by Universal Electricity. The title comes from a quote about the song "Heart of Gold," as the singer reflected, "This song put me in the middle of the road / Travelling there soon became a bore so I headed for the ditch."

See the tracklist below, and note that prolific BC-based electro artist Teen Daze contributed a cover of the classic "Harvest Moon," while Toronto's Foxes in Fiction has redone "Tell Me Why."

Download the comp for free right here.

Headed for the Ditch: A Tribute to Neil Young:

1. Lost Boy? - "Hey Babe"
2. Fossil Cities - "After the Gold Rush"
3. Quilt - "Sugar Mountain"
4. Medallions - "Like a Hurricane"
5. Kind Spirit - "Lotta Love"
6. Vacation - "Barstool Blues"
7. Ivana XL - "Heart of Gold"
8. Foxes in Fiction - "Tell Me Why"
9. Brown Bread - "Pocahontas"
10. Emily Reo - "On the Beach"
11. Warm Body - "See the Sky about to Rain"
12. Teen Daze - "Harvest Moon"
13. Ghost Animal - "Helpless"
14. Breakfast in Fur - "Cripple Creek Ferry"