Various Grime 2.0

VariousGrime 2.0
As the name suggests, Grime 2.0 is a document of the second coming of the titular genre, the bombastic, sinister and often violent voice of the UK underground (which has, as this release makes clear, gone worldwide). Compiled by legendary writer and A&R Joe Muggs for ever-cutting-edge Ninja Tune subsidiary label Big Dada, Grime 2.0 collects instrumentals from a slew of rising and more established producers in the genre, which is currently enjoying a resurgence in creativity after a few slim years, where accusations of selling-out and Americanisation damaged its reputation. While grime can be characterised by its 140 bpms, punishing subs and menacing synthetic string stabs, the fascinating thing about this compilation is the range of influences the producers incorporate into their work. Take "Battery Charge," by NYC producer Matt Shadetek, with its dancehall vibes and carnival percussion, or the claustrophobic ambience of Threnody's "Emergency," for example; they are as recognisably grime-y as anything here from more familiar names such as Wiley, Preditah or Footsie. Trends come and go, popularity rises and falls, but one thing is certain: grime will always be ahead of the curve. (Big Dada)