Various Future Bass

Post-everything ― there's just no other way to describe it. Whether you like your electronics sculpted from ice by robots or conjured into a 23rd century version of Afro-Caribbean swing, it's all here in each and every track. Drawing from a fairly wide generational range of bass makers ― from Digital Mystikz, Four Tet and Kevin Martin on the veteran side to younger talents like Ramadanman and V.I.V.E.K. ― Future Bass is a largely killer sequence of rump-shaking experimentation. The disc starts off with Mala's (of Digital Mystikz) mournful synth-melodica in "Don't Let Me Go." Four Tet makes the Afro-futurist connection clear with the filtered thumb piano of "Nothing To See," then the Fly Girls detour to Future Miami. Aw, heck, every track is "future this," "post-that"; you get the idea. Though this comp may contain a few dull moments, as tracks hang on a bit too long before ending, you can't deny the relentless forward push of this music. (Soul Jazz)