Various Fuck NoOoOO: the Anti-Witch House Mix

Various <i>Fuck NoOoOO: the Anti-Witch House Mix</i>
It's no secret that music blogger Chris Weingarten is vehemently opposed to the Salem-led "witch house" movement. Take, for example, this recent fake Salem track he premiered on his blog. Now, he's following it up with a mixtape called Fuck NoOoOO: the Anti-Witch House Mix.

Weingarten explains, "Here are some of my fave recent songs that have many of the qualities people love about Salem: dark, foreboding, gauzy, enveloping, rhythmically unique, crypto-gothtastic, murky. But these tracks have the added value of outdated ideas like 'passion' and 'working knowledge of your equipment' and 'not having a corny-ass white person that says 'skreets.'"

The mix includes a wide variety of recent tracks, from Waka Flocka Flame and Big K.R.I.T. to Tobacco and Sick Llama. Download Fuck NoOoOO here.

Fuck NoOoOO: the Anti-Witch House Mix:

1. Ben Frost "Through The Glass Of The Roof"

2. Waka Flocka Flame ft. Pastor Troy & Slim Dunkin "Fuck The Club Up"

3. Pan Sonic "Voltos Bolt"

4. Demdike Stare "Nothing But The Night"

5. DJ Paul ft. Lord Infamous "Pop A Pill"

6. Sick Llama "Untitled"

7. Tobacco "Lick The Witch"

8. K-X-P "Mehu Moments"

9. Beak> "Ham Green"

10. 8Ball & MJG "Blunts & Broads"

11. Big K.R.I.T. "Country Shit"

12. Nappy Roots "Do It Big"

13. White Moth ft. Dälek "Shoot The Clock"

14. Pale Sketcher "Can I Go Now (Gone Version)"

15. Locrian "The Crystal World"

16. Waka Flocka Flame "O Lets Do It (Chopped Not Slopped by DJ Steve)"

17. Carlos Giffoni "Severence III"

18. Rotting Christ ft. Diamanda Galás "Orders From The Dead"