Various Europe Endless

Various <i>Europe Endless</i>
One of my favourite MP3 blogs is The Red Room, a treasure chest of lost artifacts that virtually everyone known to man has forgotten about. Except this dude... or dudette, I have no idea.

Comprised mostly of the rarest, most obscure cuts from the '70s and '80s, the blog's specialty is long-out-of-print disco, prog, soundtracks, the gamut of pop and virtually every song you haven't heard made primarily with a synthesizer from all corners of the Earth.

Some are blasts from the past, but most are some of the finest discoveries you'll ever make if you're into digging up scarce 12-inches. Best of all though is the author's ability to include with each track the accompanying sleeve for each record, which leads me to believe that he or she actually owns all of these gems.

If you think you know music, well, here is your reality check.

Almost one-year-old, the site has whipped up a celebratory mixtape that covers the spectrum of its expansive interests. Europe Endless is the Red Room's "very first themed-mixtape" that picks the "perfect little pieces of new-agey electronic-cosmic-sequencer-BLISS to warp your mind." I can't really argue with that considering the selections at hand. They certainly know their stuff.

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