Various Elevator Music: Vol. 1

Surfacing in the last decade, dub-step has become one of the most undefined, readily explored styles of music. With footing in the UK club scene, dub-step has evolved from the perceived warbling bass line and atmospheric mounting to an open style free for experimentation, finding niches for sounds and styles still in exploration. Fabric's Elevator Music: Vol. 1 is a crux in dub-step, enlisting both established and up and coming producers to add myriad flavours and elements to an ever-expanding style. Xxxy pulls in the explosive percussive bumps of two-step on "Sing With Us," the dark, gutted thumps of grime drop in on "Bad Girls" by Untold and the warm, all encompassing bass of garage, punctuated by snatches of grit, unfold on "Doctor Bayard" by Octa Push. Even spacious techno and bits of funky house mingle with dub-step, with veterans such as Caspa & Rusko, Martyn and Starkey providing familiar names on a disc that holds its own. (Fabric)