Various Elaste Vol. 2: Space Disco

With the recent resurgence in disco’s popularity has also come a whole new wave of disco compilations, some of them good, a lot of them bad. Thankfully though, Elaste Vol. 2: Space Disco is the former. Put together by Austrian producer/DJ Tom Wieland (Panoptikum, 7 Samurai), the 14-track comp bypasses the tacky Qiana shirts and Saturday night fevers and heads straight for the vault of disco oddities, digging up a heady, dance-inducing collection of near-misses, "lost classics” and jams that show the bright side of ’80s Europe. And like the title says, the focus is space disco, the Moroder-loving sub-genre where early German electronics met funked-up bass lines and sci-fi synths, preferably on a galactic dance floor. It’s a genre of considerable variety and depth — or at least it is on Wieland’s mix — with the compilation carefully transitioning from glitzy, diva-led floor-fillers to tech-y electro to Mooged-out dub to Afro-beat-inspired drum jams. But no matter where the mix goes, the message is always clear: space is indeed the place. (Compost)