Various Dublab Presents: Light From Los Angeles

VariousDublab Presents: Light From Los Angeles
Dublab (that paragon of unbridled creativity and banner for the new exoteric Los Angeles) just turned 13 years old. To celebrate, it's commissioned some of its favourite artists to pen an ode to their home city. But being Dublab, this isn't your regular meat'n'potatoes compilation — a film has been created to accompany each track, which can be shuffled to provide a visual representation of the city and the artists' reference points, designed to pique the viewers' creative juices. Furthermore, the music has been released under a Creative Commons license, allowing free distribution and reimagining of the material, hypothetically creating the never-ending compilation. Beat that, record industry! So far, so good, but what about the music? Luckily, Light From Los Angeles perfectly encapsulates the musical zeitgeist of the current L.A. scene. From the woozy ambience of Sun Araw and Sweatson Klank through to the more populist electronica of Nite Jewel and Lucky Dragons, and the lilting acoustic beauty of the Long Lost, the album stands alone as a fitting tribute to a city alive with creativity and beauty. (Dublab)