Various Different

This compilation expresses an abstract representation of Boxer Recordings' artists using diverse and distinct tools of raw creativity and technical skill. Boxer was established in Cologne close to ten years ago, representing artists such as Dusty Kid and Frank Martiniq. The Different records embrace a sweet collection of music ranging from ambient to techno to pop. Together, the two discs vibe clearly and calmly with experimental sounds, and many songs embody thoughtful lyrical content. First track "Yummy" by Extraweit represents a slow melodic journey through space that leads into "Half Life" by Gui Boratto, which audibly travels an ominous psychedelic path. The vibe of the record continues calmly and lovingly, Airbus Modular guiding the way with the Minisystem-like "Assembly Notegram." "One More Day" by Matzak sounds a lot like Portishead; the vocals by &iz are emotionally touching while technologically enhanced. On the second disc, "Existence" by Marcus Lange takes guitar music to airy effects paradise. "Day To Day" by Pig & Dan (with Dean Demauele) is a mighty indie rock-inspired homage to living in the present. (Boxer)