Various Corroded Music for the Masses

This compilation, put out by Nashville, TN-based Stik Man Records, features a cavalcade of the greenhorn label's best and brightest. Although the bands may be unfamiliar to many there are some notable acts attached to this comp and naturally, some forgettable ones. Horror fiends the Creeping Cruds play Motörhead-engrossed Southern rock and "I was a Teenage Werewolf" is a testament to gore hounds worldwide, while the Loaded Nuns rip into frantically paced hardcore reminiscent of early AFI with "Go to Hell." The Dirty Works deliver an onslaught of raunchy garage punk with the short but sweet "Bible Belt" and the Foster Parents bust out some bloodthirsty rock'n' roll in the vein of the Dwarves on "Hit and Run." It reaffirms one's faith in the D.I.Y. ethos to see small-time labels taking risks to get the bands involved heard on a larger scale. It goes to show that bands don't need a professional record deal to be heard, and that's what makes punk rock so relevant to this day. (Stik Man)