Various Comfusoes 1: From Angola To Brasil

This collection is both true to and a departure from German label Out Here's usual musical turf. The label specializes in urban beats from Africa, mostly of the dancehall- and hip-hop-inspired variety. They've put out Angolan music before but this concept is a more downtempo experiment for them. Citing the rise of the country's music in the global consciousness, the project pairs classic Angolan sounds of the '60 and '70s with remixers from Brazil. Given the languid nature of the source material, the remixers generally leave the tempos alone and come up with classy, dub-y, trip-hop-inspired reworkings. The album isn't spectacularly original, despite the premise, but highlights include the deceptive polyrhythms of "Mae" and UK funky-sounding closer "Zom Zom." In between are a clutch of spliff-ready mixes and slow burning percussion workouts. Those not charitably inclined to this type of thing will dismiss it as a post-Buddha Bar trifle but it's a solid listen. (Out Here)