Various Chaos Restored with Justin Martin

This album is innovative and smart, and the selections on Chaos Restored come together in a cool way, like a funky, animated factory soundtrack. For example, on "Ghetto Train,” produced by Justin and featured early in the mix, he creates an ominous train whistle and sharp track noise wrapped in a smooth bass line. This mix is energetic and deep; imagine ambient funky jet plane sounds going in an out of different waves of frequency — the sound gets repetitive but it’s impressive in its newness and easy to listen to. Electronic music used to be all about innovation and it’s nice to see artists in the genre living up to that reputation. From Connecticut, later having moved to San Francisco, Justin Martin was first spotted in 2003 by Ben Watt at Miami WMC. His tunes are now being played all over London and Ibiza. The music is super-tight and this is a good mix. (Buzzin' Fly)