Various Brazilian Café

Those familiar with the Putumayo series of Brazilian discs should know exactly what to expect with this latest collection from an imprint with a marked efficiency for bringing highly palatable world music to your local coffee shop and record store shelves. Of course, that's not necessarily a negative, as the curious Putumayo tracks selectors have once again gathered together a top-notch list of artists offering up the soothing samba and bossa nova sounds long familiar to even cursory fans of Brazilian music. The quaint and breezy chorinho of Teresa Cristina's "Para Não Contrariar Você" and Ceumar's minimalist samba "Feliz e Triste" provide a traditional counterpoint to the more modern soulful inflections of Katia B's "Viajei." Marcia Salomon and Rosa Passos each add a touch of jazz to the proceedings with "Quando o Carnaval Chegar" and "Pequena Música Notura," respectively. And while "more of the same" would certainly be a fair description for the compilation, as café music goes, this latest collection certainly does the job. (Putumayo)