Various Bossa Nova Around the World

With nearly 200 compilations released since 1993, it's surprising to find out that Putumayo World Music (the NYC based record label) has yet to release a proper collection of Bossa Nova from around the world. Compiling the latest in jazz-tinged nova-romantics, Bossa Nova Around the World strays a bit from the genre's Brazilian ancestry, showcasing artists from France (Didier Sustrac), Germany (2raumwohnung), Norway (Hilde Hefte), Serbia (Dusko Goykovich) and our "home and native land" (Bïa and Amanda Martinez). Mostly covering the feminine side of this mostly feminine genre, artists like USA's Stacey Kent and South Korea's Monia work well off of the default classical guitar, delivering hushed tones while showing how sexy and intimate Bossa Nova has become since João Gilberto invented this "new trend" in dance music. Bossa Nova is a welcome addition to the Putumayo collection, showcasing what you've been missing since you stopped listening to NPR. (Putumayo)