Various Bedroomer presents Main-Room

Various  Bedroomer presents Main-Room
Often, the most innovative music is born in the bedroom. Bedroomer, Toronto's ever-amorphous music collective of producers and visual artists, prove this to be true with their latest compilation, Main-Room. Described by veteran member Eytan Tobin as "featuring new friends found in the main-room making sound in the bedroom," it has all the makings of a closet classic.
All in all, nearly two-dozen up-and-coming underground producers contribute to the mix. The aptly titled compilation features alumni Internet Daughter, Kare, Iyer, Beat Sampras, GHIBLI and Tobin, as well as newcomers SL.Y, Fil Jackson and Sleepycatt. Main-Room also benefits from a number of forward-thinking Toronto producers, including Hesk, Andrew Juke, Acote, Philthkids, Dan Only, Wizard Of and Lee Paradise. 
Though at times Main-Room feels a little cramped under the group's still-expanding umbrella, Bedroomer ultimately succeeds in reflecting the diversity and inclusivity of Toronto's electronic scene, delivering a snapshot of contemporary electronic music in one of Canada's most influential cities. In a flash, it swings from ambient lullabies like "Akula" and "Deep Space" to frenzied tracks like "OFTEN (bringitbackgyal)" and "Pontifex."
Many of the songs feature well-known samples, lyrics, chords and audio that clearly display the original and creative spirit of the collective. Worth noting is the distorted refrain of Rihanna's "Bitch Better Have My Money" on Beat Sampras's track, and Sleepycatt's use of Jay Z's vocals on "Bring Them Out."
Though Bedroomer is unlikely to make the move from the Main-Room to the main stage anytime soon, they remain headliners at heart for fans and music enthusiasts alike. Its members aren't simply notches in the figurative bedpost of the group's history, but rather standalone acts in their own right, all bound by the same sense of artistic and aesthetic expression — a kind of magic, some would say, best left to "making sound in the bedroom." (Bedroomer)