Various Audio Blood's CMW Mixtape

Various Audio Blood's CMW Mixtape
From March 9 to 13, Toronto will play host to one of the biggest event's in our country's music calendar, Canadian Music Week. In case you needed even more reason to get excited for the week-long conference and festival, here it is: a mixtape from Audio Blood.

The Toronto-based company has put together an impressive 14-song collection of artists on its roster who will be performing during CMW. This includes some Exclaim! favourites like Huron, the Balconies and Hands & Teeth.

As if that weren't enough, the folks at Audio Blood are holding a showcase at Sneaky Dee's on March 10. There are seven bands playing, with the doors opening at 8 p.m. and the last band going on at 2:30 a.m. All this music, and it costs just $10 to get in. See the Facebook event for more details.

The tracklist for the mixtape is below. You can download it from Audio Blood's website (it's in the bar on the right hand side of the page).

Audio Blood Mix Tape:

1. Sandman Viper Command - "Strawberry Quick"
2. Rob Moir - "This Is the Lie"
3. Five Alarm Funk - "Infernal Monologue"
4. Brett Caswell & the Marquee Rose - "When It Rains…"
5. Birthday Boys - "Daughters Man"
6. The Junction - "My Love Was There"
7. The Golden Isles - "You Look Good"
8. Huron - "Bloodfire"
9. Charlotte Cornfield - "The Colour"
10. Hands & Teeth - "Race to the End"
11. Make Your Exit - "Through the Winter"
12. Gentleman Husbands - "Family Economics"
13. The Balconies - "Serious Bedtime"
14. Alert the Medic - "Weatherman Pt. 2"