Various 2010

German imprint Dial celebrates its tenth anniversary with 2010. In 2000, Peter Kersten (aka Lawrence and Sten), Paul Kominek (aka Pawel and Turner) and David Lieske (aka Carsten Jost) founded Dial as a means to produce and distribute the music they love without constraints. Their avoidance of trends has gained them international success, as Dial has become the new standard for quality, melodic, minimal techno and in 2008 charted as one of the best labels in Resident Advisor. Some recognizable milestones can be contributed to Pantha du Prince's This Bliss and Efdemin's self-titled release in 2007. 2010 celebrates the Dial family with an eclectic compilation of deep, melodic techno, house and downtempo experimentations. Some stunning standouts are John Robert's "Lines," a fluid tech house track full of melodic chimes and fractured drums; Kassian Troyer's "Tourist," for its infectious, chunky beats and delicately woven tonalities; and "No Beginning," a progressive, rhythmic house number by Rndm. Ten years later, Dial is still following its heart. What initially started out as a bunch of friends bonding over their passion for art and music has turned into a decade of releasing some of the finest and most influential electronic expressions. (Dial)