Vandal The Nomadic Addict

For his debut album, Toronto’s Vandal crafts a release that embraces world music and culture, an ode of sorts to his travels as the "urban camper.” The majority of this album consists of Vandal’s "lyrical quotes” of his travels abroad, creating a loose theme, even going so far as to fantasise travel outside the atmosphere with "Spaced Invaders.” Interludes after "Represent” and "Sweatshoppers” showcase hip-hop in foreign languages while Vandal flexes his knowledge on the Malaysian anthem "K.L.,” the album’s highlight. Vandal, the principle producer on The Nomadic Addict, sprinkles his beats with foreign instrumentation, like the kodo drums on "Moat” and the live percussion of Roman Tome on "Sweatshoppers.” And as much as they would be preferred on vinyl, Vandal is nice enough to include the instrumentals to each song as hidden bonus tracks. Although I could do without the hip-hop ballad "Movement” (call me heartless) as well as the lyrics to "Sarcasm,” Vandal has compiled the perfect soundtrack for trekking on foreign soil. (Independent)