Vancouver's Zoo Zhop Facing Possible Closure as Concert Venue

Vancouver's Zoo Zhop Facing Possible Closure as Concert Venue
After addressing a number of demands from Vancouver Fire and Rescue Services to comply with city bylaws, local venue and record store Zoo Zhop will find out later today (June 5) if it will be allowed to host concerts in the future.

On May 30, officials gave the venue a list of demands, which apparently outlined safety concerns with the show space. While the specifics of the demands have not been released, Zoo Zhop posted on Facebook that most of them dealt with electrical issues. The venue added that it had addressed all of the issues over the weekend and that it is now "fully compliant with the fire department's warnings and notes and awaiting inspection."

"Zoo Zhop has very clearly proven itself over the last nearly 4 years to be a safe and functional all ages venue space," the post from earlier this week read. "If they can't respect that their whole perspective is wack....and we will whack back!"

A meeting took place yesterday with the city's cultural affairs department, but no assurances were given to Zoo Zhop over whether it will be able to book concerts again. A closed-door meeting at city hall between the liquor licensing board, fire department, business licensing and city council members takes place later today to determine the fate of the venue.

"Our demands at this time are to have 6 all ages show a month and two licensed shows or barring that 8 all-ages shows. The more music the better," Zoo Zhop wrote. "Let them know who is on the side of affordable and accessible, local, live and electronic music for all in Vancouver!"

Zoo Zhop has been open since 2009 and has hosted concerts by Grimes, Baptists, Siskiyou, and many, many more. As of now, it is still scheduled to hold the first show of this year's Music Waste Festival tomorrow, with sets from Juvenile Hall, Phoenix Thunderbird, Girlfriends and Boyfriends, and Storc.

A petition to save the Zoo Zhop can be found over here.

UPDATE: In a new Facebook post, the Zoo Zhop has offered the following update: "Things are NOT looking good and we are trying to work out strategies to appeal to the CITY and stay alive as a Live Music Record Store & Venue. Keep hope and stay angry, we're gonna need both. Share the petition with every human."