Vancouver's Womankind Reveal Debut EP

Vancouver's Womankind Reveal Debut EP
Vancouver quintet Womankind boast a massive lineup that includes two bassists, two guitarists, two vocalists and a drummer, all of whom have played with numerous Vancouver bands including Destroyer and the original 3 Inches of Blood lineup, among many others. Now, the group are heading into the recorded realm with their debut twelve-inch.

The self-titled four-song record was recorded with Vancouver punk mainstay Jordan Koop and mastered by Stuart McKillop. The result is a riff-heavy post-punk record with focused energy and cut-throat vocals.

Womankind will be released at the end of May via Nominal Records. That's the album art above, while the song "Fang Fang" can be streamed on the Nominal Facebook page.


1. "2 Out of 10"
2. "Five"
3. "Miami Tan"
4. "Fang Fang"