Vancouver's Role Mach Unveil New EP

Vancouver's Role Mach Unveil New EP
Horn-filled ensemble Role Mach have been playing shows around Vancouver for a number of years now, but they haven't been very productive in terms of new releases, with frontman Patrick Geraghty instead focusing on his Gal Gracen project as of late. That's set to change in 2014, however, as the band have unveiled a new EP with another to follow.

On Bandcamp, the five-song Travels in the Interior Districts is streaming in full. Two of the songs are more than seven minutes long, with the whole thing coming in at around 27 minutes. They feature dramatic horns and sprawling rock arrangements that range from Eastern-tinged punk to atmospheric balladry. Listen below.

The collection is officially slated to come out on March 28. While there are no specifics as to exactly how it will be released, the artwork (above) suggests that it will be out on cassette.

On Gal Gracen's Facebook page, Geraghty wrote, "HELLO im working on lots of new GG music for 2014 but in the meantime i have a couple new EPs upcoming that i recorded with my prog rock band ROLE MACH..... i dunno if it sounds very similar to my GG stuff but check it ooouuuutttt."

Travels in the Interior Districts:

1. Via Delle Zite
2. Othello Tunnels
3. Jalna
4. All Roads Lead into the Jungle
5. Shanklin Down