Vancouver's Precious Fathers Drop Their First Album in Four Years

Vancouver's Precious Fathers Drop Their First Album in Four Years
Vancouver post-rock shoegazers Precious Fathers have been producing their lush instrumental jams for some time but it's been a while since we've had a proper album from the guys. The last was way back in 2005, when the band release their underrated self-titled debut. But on June 23 that will change thanks to the good people at White Whale Records, who will release Precious Fathers' latest collection of tunes, Alluvial Fan.

If you're curious what they sound like, the smart-alecky folks at their label have prepared this ridiculous but shockingly accurate fake press clipping: "If Tortoise dated Neil but cheated on him in a three-way with Trans Am and Fogerty..." In other words, the group play highly melodic, guitar-driven post-rock in the same vein as Do Make Say Think and Explosions in the Sky but maintain their very unique personality.

The entire Alluvial Fan album is now streaming on the band's MySpace page, and you can check them out in live action on June 25 in Vancouver at the Biltmore and June 26 in Kelowna at the Habitat. No word yet if Precious Fathers are going to leave the Left Coast for a proper, full-fledged tour.

Alluvial Fan track listing:

1. "Swells"
2. "100% Pure Rock Fibers"
3. "This Is Bolton"
4. "Pock Lips"
5. "Sylvan Court"
6. "Brad Quinn Medicine Man"
7. "Alluvial Fan=Bone"