Vancouver's Jonathan Inc. Return with New LP

Vancouver's Jonathan Inc. Return with New LP
When he's not recording at his Buena Vista Audio studio, Vancouver-based multi-instrumentalist Jonathan Anderson keeps busy with his dreamy indie pop group Jonathan Inc. The band have three full-lengths and an EP under their belts, though they've been laying low as members have got married and hopped on the baby train. This summer, however, they'll return with their first new album in six years.

The LP is called Lost:Time, and sees the band continuing their pursuit of crisp, clean songwriting and lush sonics. Along with their standard blanket of shimmering guitars, the band have introduced new elements like banjo, trombone and ambient keyboards.

For the first time in Jonathan Inc's career, Lost:Time will not be released on CD. Instead, it will be pressed on 180 gm white vinyl and limited to 200 copies. Those who pre-order the vinyl now will receive an immediate download of the whole thing. Once the album's June 14 release date hits, it will also be available on iTunes.

Pre-order the record or stream the whole thing here.


1. "Waiting for Morning"
2. "Impatient"
3. "Astronauts"
4. "Hours on a String"
5. "A Thousand to One"
6. "Road Noise"
7. "100 Voices"
8. "Best Bets"
9. "Cease Fire"
10. "Broken Record"
11. "Long Gone"
12. "Time, Lost."